Author: James Chatwin

Audio, Director, Masters


My writing and directing debut. Ego complex is a short surreal drama based on faux pas and mishaps often experienced within amateur film making. Zoe, a confident but unorthodox Foley artist, must prove her worth at Sound Wave Studios. Tim, a visiting executive producer, known for his anger management issues, does not appreciate the studio’s

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Audio, Director, Documentary, Edit, Masters

MarrMite Mocumentary: Short Film

MarrMite (Marmite) Mocumentary  Written, directed, edited, sound by James Chatwin. Shot by Sarah Ni. Two Lodgers go to extreme lengths to avoid paying rent. This Mockumentary was created as an introduction to factual film making during my first semester on the MA Film and Television course at Falmouth University. The film is quirky and silly,

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