The Cinematologists

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“For Intelligent, Informed Cinema Debate, The Cinematologists Are Hard To Beat” – Mark Kermode

The Cinematologists, a bi-weekly film podcast developed to bridge the gap between film theory and fandom. The series is presented by Dr Dario Llinares and Dr Neil Fox of Falmouth university. The production team consists of graduates from BA Film at Falmouth and Hasting University, all of whom have specialised in audio recording, mixing and mastering. On a personal level, the podcast has been a means of increasing my raptor as a free lance sound recordist. The Cinematologists has toured throughout England, often into awkward locations – as such it has required considerate audio management. The ethos of the team is to embrace the ‘rough and ready’ attributes of on-location recording, with the view that the goal of the podcast is to initiate conversation between novice and avid cinephiles alike.

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Each episode follows a unique theme, mood, opinion or misconception fostered within the focal film. Content is driven by audience discussion, specialist interviews and rigorous debate. We differ from other film podcasts by considering all perspectives on the subject matter, this often provides unique insight into interesting and often undervalued films.

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Throughout my time as an undergraduate at Falmouth University I volunteered as a production sound mixer for The Cinematologists. Now in its 3rd series, The Cinematologists has gained acclaim from film scholars and practitioners and is frequently ranked within iTunes top 10 film podcasts.  To download or stream episodes of The Cinematologists, View The Official Cinematologists Official Website Here.