Directing, Dubbing Editor, Dubbing Mixer, Writer

Ego Complex Production Credit: Writer, Director, Sound Design.

Zoe, a confident but unorthodox Foley artist, must prove her worth at Sound Wave Studios. Tim, a visiting executive producer, renowned for his anger management issues, does not appreciate the studio’s use of amateur staff members (Zoe). He takes matters into his own hands and attempts to oust her from the Foley session. Drawing influence from Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and Richard Ayoade’s The Double (2013), Ego Complex places heavy emphasis on complex cinematography and abstract sound design.

EGO COMPLEX is intended to resonate with creative people who use their skills within an institutional regime. When writing the treatment I tried to incorporate themes of gender imbalance within the film industry, self doubt, financial power, creative hierarchies and surrealism. Having worked on professional and amateur productions, I drew from first hand experience of many of the aforementioned themes. I then adapted and wrote them into a darkly comic piece of drama. One of the most challenging objectives was to integrate these themes into a succinct 3 minute narrative.

The production introduced me to screenwriting and directing, two skills which I am developing through my master degree as I make my transition to industry. Although the film was developed towards an assessment brief, EGO COMPLEX is currently being submitted to film festivals throughout the year. The core crew are all post graduate students of Falmouth University training in their respective specialisms. The additional cast and crew consists of professional actors, dancers and students. Falmouth University offered the necessary resources to run an industry standard production within an educational institution.




Director- James Chatwin

Producer – Dale Platt

Director of Photography – George Perry

Editor – Giulia Franchi

Lighting – Peter Doyle-Davidson/Wesley Trevena

Re-recording – Claire Stevens

Sound Design – James Chatwin