Dubbing Editor, Dubbing Mixer, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Production Sound Mixer/Sound Design

Concept Art- Make up test

A young woman desperately tries to convince the her associates about the dangers of artificial intelligence and is met by social scepticism.

Production Still: Jen and Binny at Goonhilly

‘Superintelligence’ – a short science based drama, set in the modern day, concerning the existential risk posed by machine superintelligence. Put simply: an artificial intelligence smarter than all of humanity combined. As seen in the promo, a humanoid robot is an iconic image related to AI but it is far from the full picture. In reality, AI has no reason to take human form, it already exists in various other forms; software, networks, data banks…

The film explores how various characters in different parts of the world react when faced with the issue of superintelligence, with a focus on Jen, a young woman who has decided to take action, despite the derision and scepticism she is met with.

Superintelligence is the first short film I have delivered in both stereo and 5.1 (surround sound). As a production sound recordist, I built concept sound libraries, with the intention of capturing sound/s that would provide impetus for disaster. This consisted of recording and mixing original recordings of stormy weather, underwater and ambient nature. I placed heavy emphasis on blending these recordings within specific scenes in order to create juxtaposing undertones, which in turn heightens the surreality of specific moments.