Surreal Hospital

Directing, Dubbing Editor, Dubbing Mixer, Writer

Set inside an underground bunker, Surreal Hospital is an ensemble drama which explores themes of mistrust, guilt and moral dilemma. A government funded arms company is supplying rebel fighters with artillery, a scandal recently brought to light by war journalist Otis Clarke. Civil war ensues; Otis has been missing for weeks. Nadine, Hubert and Theo’s makeshift hospital becomes refuge for wounded Otis Clarke. The incentive to heal him decreases when it is revealed he is wanted by both the Government and bounty hunters, dead or alive. Otis soon becomes the catalyst for disaster as Hubert, Jasper and Nadine all conspire to eliminate one another, so they can claim Otis’ bounty for themselves.

Director’s Statement:

During my final study block at Falmouth University, I have been given the opportunity to develop my screenplay Surreal Hospital into a 30 minute short drama. My film background is in Sound, I have spent the last 4 years working on shorts, features and documentaries as Sound Designer, Recordist and Foley Artist. Through my Masters degree I have developed a specialism in Writing and Directing. Surreal Hospital is a project which incorporates everything I love about film making. The majority of the crew are Falmouth alumni, craft specialists and personal friends whom I frequently work alongside. I feel extremely humbled to be making my graduate film with such a talented crew.

I am proud to say that the film is entirely self funded and is able to move into production on its current budget. This crowd funding campaign is designed to help the cast and crew make Surreal Hospital the best it can be, the cast have all kindly agreed to work for reduced fees and the crew are volunteering. We are offering our supporters the chance to be involved, with several perks offered in exchange for a range of donations. This project will be completed as part of my Masters degree and is intended to showcase the talent of all cast and crew involved. Post assessment, my aim is to exhibit the film on the festival circuit. I am currently developing a festival strategy which I will submit to appropriate festivals on a regular basis-this is to ensure the production’s success is not limited after my assessment, the primary goal of the film is for it to gain exposure and to have a life after my degree.

Having spent the past 3 years studying and working within film and television, I am excited to create something of my own. Throughout my undergraduate and post graduate study I have been overwhelmed by the support of close friends and colleagues who have helped me develop the project this far.