Trial By Fire

Dubbing Editor, Dubbing Mixer, Sound Recording

Production Credit: Location Sound Recordist, Sound Effects Editor, Dubbing Mixer.

Trial By Fire – a DC Comics fan film made exclusively for web exhibition and online film festival submission. Released in 2016.

Trial By Fire Poster

Synopsis: A young man is put to the ultimate test when he attempts to rescue his captured mentor from a sadistic maniac.

– Director: Tim Seyfert

– Director of Photography: Leigh Hickin

– 1st Assistant Camera: Michael Todd

– 2nd Assistant Camera: Luca Parasiliti

– Assistant Camera: Emmie Kingdon

– Assistant Camera: Michael Wasey

– 1st Assistant Director: Alex Falconer

– Digital Imaging Technician: Gabriel Wildsmith

– Gaffer: Ryan Sharpe

– Lighting Techs: Ryan Mackfall and Jonny Dane

– Writer: Tim Seyfert

– Producer: Tim Seyfert

– Associate Producers: Chris Barnicoat, Tricia Teesdale, John O’Regan

– Sound: James Chatwin & Claire Stevens

– Make-up Artist: Kelly Richards

– Fight/Stunt Coordinator: Nick Khan

– Behind The Scenes Supervisor: Stephen Oxborrow

-Editor: Alex Falconer

– Production Assistants: Harmony Teesdale, Danielle Franks

– Script/Continuity Supervisor: Lindsey Kennedy

– Colour-grader/compositor: Jonny Dane

– Set Builder: Mark Franks